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Cliffhanger YIFY

In old black and white Horror and Sci-fi movies to save on the budget and/or because the monsters were so stupid looking they never showed the monster till the very end of the movie. In this movie they went beyond that technique..... they never showed the monster. And then left the unanswered cliffhanger: who is the one eyed cowboy? Guess we will never know because I doubt there will be a sequel.

Cliffhanger YIFY


I could have given it one more star if it's not the cliffhanger at the end of the movie. Disagree with respect, the story should better end here. It's welcomed if there is a series of it but THIS STORY has no reason, in my humble opinion, to extend into another 90 minutes. Anyway I believe it is done in good faith.That's a well-balanced movie with a topic that many of us should have watched a hundred times. Yet since it's nothing in excess, it looks more realistic and logical in cinematography. U won't see a Mother-of-all-bombs explode when the cars collide, nor can u see cars fly against gravity. Be real!! That's the beauty of balanced minimalism in movies. And I am happy to say that this 90 minutes is totally worth it.Lastly, if u r a fan of Fast n Furious, don't go for it. It's not Hollywood. It's not birds of a feather ;) 041b061a72


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