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I wanted to invite you over for Christmas, and Piper was excited to co-host.

When I was 13, we moved from one side of Troy to the other. But for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday season, we lived with Grandma and Grandpa. Mom and Dad lived in Suzette's room. John and I shared Buddy and Ricky's room (Mila and Lena, you'll have to ask about the nicknames.) For Mom and Dad, it was probably not the smoothest sailing, but for me, it was maybe the best Christmas.


There was Cherry Ames, Chip Hilton, and Trixie Belden in the basement to read, from my aunts and uncles who left them behind! There was a huge no-school snowstorm, and Dad built an epic snow fort in the driveway. Did I mention the pool table and the dart board? Reading Grandpop's Architectural Digest? Grandpop would sometimes drive me or pick me up from school, and we'd listen to big band tunes.


Christmas Day, no one could tear me away from the Lord of the Rings. I decorated my dollhouse for Christmas. Who couldn't watch the trains for hours? And Grandma with her cranberry sauce secrets, and helping me clean my newly-pierced ears.


The booming voices at the grown-up table. (I can still hear "Kay?" from across the house.) I named the portrait of the inscrutable princess in the living room Carlotta, and she hangs in my bedroom today. The stories of Christmas past.


I had hoped to host Christmas at my house this year, and Piper was so excited to be my co-host. She made sample invites in the spring, which you can see in the photo gallery. We have been talking about how to make this holiday season feel special, and what we could do to make memories for Mila, and for Lena's first Christmas.


We invite you to share your memories, post photos and videos, and join our Phillips Winter Party. We have some ideas:

- Share your favorite childhood holiday story

- Show us your Christmas decorations

- Record a Christmas greetings video

- Recommend a favorite holiday recipe

- Tell us what you're doing to stay happy and healthy this season


With love,

Lisa and Piper

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