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Selling The OC

Fifth-generation realtor Stanaland got his license at 18 and worked with his family business for 12 years before leaving to join the show. His biggest sale so far was selling a $19 million dollar house to Shark Tank's Mark Cuban. Outside of work, he's an avid surfer, and he's married to Hairspray and Pitch Perfect actress Brittany Snow.

Selling The OC

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Similarly to Selling Sunset, the show is then expected to follow the professional and personal lives of Oppenheim and the company's agents, capturing all the glitz, glamour and all-important drama that comes with selling high-end property - though this time selling suburban bliss in the Orange County area of Los Angeles.

Today Netflix has released a new teaser and cast announcement for the upcoming series, to be titled Selling The OC. The new trailer gives us a flashy new look into the upcoming series, which will feature a whole new cast of agents who find conflict at the office but also at the club, the yacht, the exclusive restaurant patio, the beach, and, well, you get the picture. Rather than selling houses in the Hollywood hills, however, the OC crew will be showing off beachside, cliffside estates that show off a different side to California's wide-ranging real-estate market.

Twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim open a brand new real estate office in Orange County, California. The series follows 11 real estate agents in the area that are fighting, clawing their way into selling these MASSIVE homes to their clients. 041b061a72


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