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Buy Salvage Cars Nj

There are thousands of cars circulating that have been damaged by floods and have been repaired by insurance companies or have been totaled. There is an entire market in buying and selling these used cars. There is a huge discrepancy in the titling requirements between states for these cars. Sometimes a dealer can wash titles (remove the salvage marking) completely legally and then re-title the car in another state with a clean title. Your car could have flood damage or could have been totaled by an insurance company and you would not know. Usually if the car had a salvage title it will show up in Carfax, but sometimes there is a delay. You might only find out that the car had a salvage title when you try to sell the car. New Jersey Law requires that dealers make known defects which they are aware of. To complicate the matter even further, insurance companies have their own internal standards as to when they should salvage (repurchase) a car. These numbers range from 80% to 90% cost to repair compared to actual cash value (ACV). If an insurance company salvages a car and it falls below the state threshold requirements they might not have to salvage the title. There are thousands of cars circulating that have been salvaged by insurance companies and resold at auctions without any title restrictions. You could be driving a car that has been repurchased by an insurance company and resold at an auction in which they have a monetary interest. To make matters worse, Carfax would not pick this up because they do not have access to CLUE, Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange.

buy salvage cars nj


All American Auto Salvage realizes that not everyone has time to take a trip to our tri-state auto salvage and car scrap yard in New Jersey to pick up used auto parts. So, in addition to keeping thousands of used auto parts in stock, we also have a large fleet of delivery vehicles to deliver used auto parts to customers in NJ and the surrounding areas. We bring the used auto parts you need directly to your yard or repair shop. We also have drop yards we bring parts to so those in New York can easily pick up what they need. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced staff is always available to answer questions or to help you track down parts to fit in your vehicle.

A vehicle that has been issued an orange-colored salvage title may not be registered in Nevada until it has been inspected by a Nevada registered garage, Nevada licensed body shop or Nevada licensed rebuilder.(NRS 487.860)

If there is no lienholder, you must either apply for a Salvage Title within 30 days or sell the vehicle to a DMV-licensed salvage pool, automobile auction, rebuilder, automobile wrecker or a new or used motor vehicle dealer. See Salvage Title Procedures.

Salvage vehicles in Nevada are issued an orange-colored Salvage Title. A salvage vehicle may not be registered or operated on any public street until it has been rebuilt and inspected. Once a salvage vehicle has been repaired, it becomes a rebuilt vehicle and may be registered and/or sold if the proper procedures below have been followed. Non-Repairable vehicles are issued a Certificate and may not be restored to operating condition.

Vehicles 10 model years old or older are not considered salvage vehicles if the only repairs needed are a limited number of items. Specifically, the hood, the trunk lid, and/or up to two of the following: doors, grill assembly, bumper assembly, headlight assembly and taillight assembly.

If the vehicle requires more repairs than this, the 65 percent damage rule applies. For example, the 65 percent rule would apply if the grill, front bumper and one headlight assembly were replaced. If only the hood, the grill and the bumper were replaced, the 65 percent rule would not apply and the vehicle would not be considered a salvage vehicle.

Any person who transfers an interest in a motor vehicle in this state shall, before the transfer, disclose in writing to the transferee any information that the transferor knows or reasonably should know concerning whether the vehicle is a salvage, rebuilt or reconstructed vehicle. (NRS 487.830)

Vehicles which have had certain repairs must be titled as Rebuilt even if they do not meet the definition of a salvage vehicle. This applies to any vehicle that has had one or more of the following major components replaced:

The leaders of the State Motor Vehicle Commission and Division of Consumer Affairs again urged prospective buyers of a used motor vehicle to check the online database before finalizing a purchase. It is not illegal to sell a vehicle with either a flood or salvage title, but specific requirements exist to ensure the status of such vehicles is disclosed to potential purchasers.

The online database, located at, allows users to enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) unique to each vehicle and check whether a flood or salvage title has been issued.

There are two categories of titles: clean and branded. A clean title means that a vehicle has a clean record, while a branded title means that a vehicle has incurred serious damage that needs to be disclosed. The most common branded title is a salvage title. (For more examples of branded title vehicles, check out our handy guide.)

Salvage title laws vary from state to state. For example, what one state defines as a salvage vehicle may be different in another state. However, in most states a salvage title includes a vehicle in one of the following categories.

In New York State, a vehicle must be branded as a salvage if it is eight model years or newer, and if the vehicle was destroyed or received damage in the amount of 75% or more of its value when the damage occurred.

Cars deemed to have flood damage get bought back by the insurance company and are sent to the auction, where they typically are sent to the crusher. But sometimes people try to fix and flip a flood car. Just like cars with salvage titles, flood-titled cars are to be avoided.

A salvage car is a car that has been deemed by an insurance professional to be so damaged from an accident or vandalism that the market value is 30 percent or less of the blue book value of the same vehicle in prime condition.

Also, if your intention is to repair and fix up your salvage car, you need to understand, with some exceptions, that the value will always be considered at that 30 percent (or less) it was figured at when the vehicle was in the accident.

Once you discover that your dream car that is listed for sale for a low price has a salvage title, alarms may start to go off in your mind. Can you drive a car with a salvage title? You must have it properly insured before driving just like any car.

A vehicle either has a standard title or a salvage title. When you buy a car that holds a salvage title, the seller of the car is legally obligated to disclose this before you sign the bill of sale or you can file a lawsuit.

It may be a red flag, but for wise buyers who do their due diligence buying a salvage-title car could be a great way to get a terrific deal. When you are buying a car on a very low budget, you can get a car with great options that would otherwise be out of your price range.

Some companies are very strict with their underwriting guidelines and will not insure any vehicle that has a salvage title. You should research insurers before you decide that buying that salvage car is best.

As you have heard, it can be more expensive to buy comprehensive and collision insurance on a salvage car when you find a company that offers it. While having full coverage is important to some, you have to wonder whether or not it is worth it.

Also, if the salvage vehicle was yours in the first place and you still owe money on it after the insurance company has paid you for the loss of the vehicle, you need to negotiate with your lender the release from carrying full coverage on the vehicle (which is in your loan contract).

It is also important that you know that you are buying a salvage vehicle because the overall value is far less than buying a vehicle of the same type and condition that has never been in an auto accident.

In most cases, you will probably be able to find an insurance company that will insure your salvage vehicle, although you may find that your choices are limited depending on the nature of the salvage.

After a vehicle is totaled out by the insurer, it can be re-built and re-titled as a salvage car. But the industry will then typically deduct about 20 to 40 percent of the Kelley Blue Book value from what it would be with a clean title

But changing a salvage title to a clean title is considered to be fraud. Totaled cars are sometimes less structurally sound from prior collisions which makes it dangerous to give it a clean title which a new owner may think is OK. If it was involved in a crash and rebuilt, some parts may not be as strong as they once were. is the most recommended and reliable Copart Registered Broker! In other words, we are the premier destination for all types of salvage autos, with more than 12 years of experience and an A+ Rating from the BBB. We have sold thousands of affordable, clean title, salvage title, rebuildable cars, motorcycles, trucks and more from all makes and models in the market to buyers all over the world! Find Aprilia, Arctic Cat, BMW, Can-Am, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, KTM, Piaggio, Polaris, Skidoo, Suzuki, Triumph, Vespa, Yamaha and more from flood, collision, repossessions, car rental companies, theft recovery, etc., for just a fraction of the original price.

Argo Cycles was established in 1998 and started with only a few dozen motorcycles. Almost 20 years later, we have grown to be the largest salvage motorcycle and vehicle dealer in America - and with the changes in our inventory, we're now called Argo Cycles and Auto. Here, you'll find late model street bikes and cruisers, as well as various sports cars, SUVs, specialty cars, and more. Our massive new facility means more inventory for you - so you'll find more great deals than ever before. Browse our website or just stop by our gigantic lot. You're not going to believe how close your dream bike or car is. 041b061a72


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