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Textbook For Vocational Training - Formulas And...

I saw almost no worked examples of any sort in the text. -In the geometry topics, formulas and procedures were described but there was a lack of worked examples illustrating processes. This is a major shortcoming. The book simply provides a formula and then goes to questions on that topic. Not sure how this is useful to students except as a source for homework problems.-In the chapter on converting, there were conversion facts provided but no examples of HOW to convert (by division or multiplication)-The textbook omits right triangle trigonometry which is a key section of our technical mathematics course.-There are geometric images, and some slightly technical drawings, but most of the geometric shapes are just geometric shapes, not the types of objects that make this content relevant to technicians (for example drawings of machine parts, silos, hoppers, bolts, etc.)

Textbook for Vocational Training - Formulas and...


The rated readability of basic textbooks used by the students in the six courses was obtained through the application of both the Dale-Chall, and the SMOG formulas. A significant difference was found between the average reading ability of students and the readability of the basic textbook they were using. Reading abilities of average students in automotive mechanics, electron ics, and welding courses were below the rated readability of the corresponding textbooks. Reading abilities of average students in building construction, drafting, and machine shop courses were above the rated readability of each of the corresponding textbooks. 041b061a72


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