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This demonstration highlights the state of the art in performance capture. All Ira''s motions were acted out in a "light stage" at the Institute for Creative Technology at USC. The team there headed by Dr. Paul Debevec is able to photographically capture facial geometry, surface detail, and lighting information of an actor without any of the traditional tricks of face markers or special makeup.This light stage data is pulled into NVIDIA''s demo engine, and using FaceWorks rendering technology we witness a realism of human facial rendering never before seen in real time. FaceWorks shading gives Ira lifelike skin, eyes, lips and teeth. Adaptive tessellation keeps the curves of his face perfectly smooth.Play with this interactive demo to see Ira immersed in three different lighting environments. Adjust his skin rendering to see the effect of sub surface light transmission through his skin. And, see the realism of his facial motion as he stares you down with a myriad of lifelike expresssions.

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The Narakeet text-to-audio tool allows you to create realistic TTS and download it as WAV, M4A or MP3. You can select the file format by clicking on the plus button next to the voice selector to open additional options. Text to speech download MP3 is great if you want to optimize the file size. Select the WAV format for the best quality, and it will produce the best AI text to speech results. Use the M4A format for a good balance between size and quality.

This is a lifelike baby red eared slider turtle. Intended to be painted after printing. It was designed in virtual reality using Oculus Medium design software. I printed it using the Epax X1 resin printer, however, I see no reason why you could not print the turtle using a different type of printer. After printing I used high quality artists acrylic to paint. Realistic painting is by far the most difficult and time consuming part of this sculpture.

Use medium supports. Allow your slicing software to decide the optimum orientation at which to place the object on your bed. One of the photos shows the turtle before supports were removed so you can see how my slicing software oriented it. A lifelike size for printing is a nose-to-tail length of about 60mm.

Enter VoxDoubler. Bespoke designed to give you the best of these two approaches; ease of use, real-time processing and results that sound as lifelike as if the doubled parts were actually multi-tracked.

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First rolling out in the United States for iOS and laptop users, IKEA Kreativ will be available for Android users soon and for additional countries in FY23. US customers can access the complete room design experience for free by downloading the IKEA app from the Apple App Store, or by visiting IKEA Kreativ. 041b061a72


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