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Counter Strike Source Modernized Weapons Skin Pack 2013 Download NEW!

Since the initial release of Global Offensive, Valve has continued to update the game by introducing new maps and weapons, game modes, and weapon balancing changes.[32] One of the first major additions to the game post-release was the "Arms Deal" update. Released on August 13, 2013, the update added cosmetic weapon finishes, or skins, to the game. These items are obtainable by a loot box mechanism; players would receive cases that could be unlocked using virtual keys, purchased through in-game microtransactions.[33][25] Global Offensive has Steam Workshop support, allowing users to upload user-created content, such as maps, weapon skins, and custom game-modes. Some popular user-created skins are added to the game and are obtainable from unboxing them in cases.[34] The creators of the skins are paid when their item is added to a case.[35] These skins helped form a virtual economy in Global Offensive, leading to the creation of gambling, betting, and trading sites.[36] The addition of skins and the associated virtual economy launched Global Offensive's player count past the other games in the Counter-Strike series and is one of the most important updates in the game's history.[25][37]

Counter Strike Source Modernized Weapons Skin Pack 2013 Download

In August of 2013, Elijah decided to check out a newer version of CS:GO called "The Arms Deal Update." The weapons in the game stayed the same -- AK-47s, knives and the like. But now players could buy new decorative covers for them, known as skins.


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